Do you know what it’s really like to navigate and even fight a battle in space? Gravity in Space is an acurate-physics-based spacecraft flight and combat simulation. Unlike most other space games you are actually bound to Newton’s laws of motion – you cannot control where you go directly, but only indirectly through acceleration impulses that add to your current velocity vector.

Explore real-world or surreal levels filled with several dynamic objects. Learn how to master astrodynamics and gravitational forces by solving various challenges. Collect energy cores, destroy hostile explosives, and fight against enemies. A sophisticated navigation assistance helps you to reach your desired orbit. But you have to keep an eye on resources, or you might lose control of your ship and crash into the next moon, planet, or asteroid belt.

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Orbital Mechanics and Gravity

Orbital mechanics and gravity

Experience how physics in empty space really works. Controlling a spaceship is totally different compared to an aircraft. Much harder. Float around gravitation centers and use them to get to your target.

Fantastical Worlds

Fantastical worlds

Visit not only familiar planetary systems, but also surreal levels – fly into the inner of celestial objects, move between hundreds of floating asteroids, or hide within thick nebulas.

Six Degrees of Freedom

Six degrees of freedom

Rotate along any axis and boost into any direction you want, independent from your current speed and orientation. To this end, your ship is equipped with 16 powerful rocket engines.



Fight online against other players in 1-vs-1 mode. Carefully plan your orbit through space and outplay your opponent until you finally use your chance for an attack. Tactical movements and fast skirmishes take turns spontaneously.